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Control Video HTML Tag

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Is it possible to control a html video tag's playback using GSAP


Right now what am doing is using GSAP's callback function to start two/three videos 


But is it possible to pause the video when the timeline is paused as well

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?Just like this


See the Pen VPVoVa by sheriffderek (@sheriffderek) on CodePen


Here the tween stopped when the audio is paused


But what i need is the audio to be stopped when the tween is paused

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Hey anotheruser,


There must be some function telling the tween to pause, correct? So pause the video there as well. 


Often times for situations like these I'll write a function to not have to duplicate the tween.pause() and video.pause() every time I need to do it:

function pauseVideo() {

// now you can just pauseVideo() when you need to

Same thing for playing them.

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