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Staggering elements depending on their data attribute

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I am trying to scale list elements depending on their data-attribute, here is what i have :

  <li data-percent="50">1</li>
  <li data-percent="75">2</li>
  <li data-percent="15">3</li>
let tl = new TimelineMax()
  .staggerFromTo('[data-percent]', 0.25, { scaleX: 0 }, { scaleX: function(){
    // i would like to return a dynamic value
    return 0.5
  }}, 0.1);

Is there a way to get the data attribute of the current element ?

I can't find a solution.


Thank you

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Thank you Zach. I though the arguments didn't exist because i have tested the first, and its value were always 0.

Is that normal ?

See the Pen dyPMNPb by classikd (@classikd) on CodePen


Not the case with gsap 3 apparently

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Yes, that's normal for GSAP v2 and earlier because the stagger methods create ONE tween for EACH element in the array, so of course the index will always be 0 (that function gets called by each tween instance...and each tween only has ONE target). 


It's more intuitive in GSAP v3 since any tween can have a stagger. 


In v2, you'd need to use the "cycle" special property to get that behavior. If you need help with that, just let us know.

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Oh ok I understand now, thanks a lot for your help !

I think I am going to try GSAP version 3 ??


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4 minutes ago, classikd said:

I think I am going to try GSAP version 3 ??


Buckle your seatbelt. You're in for a fun ride. :) I think you'll like it. 

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