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Enzo Ustariz

How to create a Bezier path easily ?

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Hello guys, I hope you are all doing well :)


I'm actually doing a scroll animation with a bezier curve combining ScrollMagic + GSAP.

It's pretty fun but it is just the example scrollmagic is providing.


How can I create my own array of values ? To make my SVG follow me on all my website from top to bottom with some variations for example ?

Is there an online tool that I haven't found yet ?


Thank's if someone is passing by !




See the Pen WNNwVqJ by Ziratsu (@Ziratsu) on CodePen

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Hey Enzo,


You can modify and add new values to the arrays as you'd like. Are you wondering how to more easily create these points? It might be easier to use an SVG path using our MorphSVG plugin instead. 


P.S. In the next version of GSAP this sort of thing will be even easier! We're working hard on getting it released ASAP.

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