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Enzo Ustariz

Prevent spamming Timeline

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Hello everyone,

I'm creating an animated menu with CSS Grid / Greensock.

My animation is triggered by an event 'click'.

The animation run pretty well, but if the user spam click the open button for whatever reason, the animation repeat itself very strangely.

The solution I found is to not use Timeline, since they are repeated when we click multiple times on the open btn.

But i'm pretty sure there is a more elegant / convenient solution.


Can you give me a hand ? 

Thank's alot.

See the Pen GRKPbOr by Ziratsu (@Ziratsu) on CodePen

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Hey Enzo,


The biggest issue is that your timelines are in conflict with each other. Secondarily, instead of adding to the timeline each time the button is clicked. You should instead create a timeline animation when everything is initialized and then play(), reverse(), or tweenTo() depending on your needs.


You'll need to restructure your animation to handle conflicts or wait until the animations complete like Mikel suggested. 


I'd do something like this: 


See the Pen mdbvyZQ?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Wow, that is so great Zach !

Thank's a lot for this help I really appreciate.

Have a nice day.


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