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Where are snap values calculated from? Top left corner?

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Just a question I was thinking about... I didn't see it in the docs. When creating an snap function... the endValue... where is that being calculated from? The top left (0,0) point of the draggable element?

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It really depends on what the "type" is. Typically it's "x,y" which refer to the translateX/translateY transforms, and those are relative to the element's original position in the document flow (before any transforms are applied). You could think of it as if it's from the top left corner of the element in that case I guess. But if the type is "left,top", it'd refer to those values which are dependent on other factors like whether the element is position:relative or absolute (and would be affected by the offsetParent). 

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Hi @danboyle8637 and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum!


Also don't forget if the type is left, top that the draggable elements parent also plays a role, depending if the parent has position relative or absolute.



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