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Hi @conceptstoryde,


Welcome to the GSAP Forums!


1 hour ago, conceptstoryde said:

Would you please help me to build the website like this


Thats a pretty broad spectrum question and a bit much to ask. 😉


1 hour ago, conceptstoryde said:

especially as it has used the data-feature, the attribute for animation?


Thats better. ;--)


Here are some threads that may assist you with gathering data-attributes for use with GSAP.






I assume that is what you are asking? Please specify further if I am mistaken.


If you're having trouble or need further help please create a codepen as shown here. Then someone can try to assist you with issues you might be having as shown in your reduced codepen test case. Assisting with building entire sites is a bit much to ask of forum members, though there are plenty of people willing to help when you get stuck on something specific pertaining to GSAP. :--)


Again welcome to the forums, you are gonna love GSAP.



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