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Malin von Matern

Content jumping 1px in iframe on Safari while animating

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When I display  an animtion in an iframe, the whole content jumps up 1 px while animating, and then jumps down again when done. I've only observed this behavior in Safari on desktop. (I've tried other people's animations as well with the same result.) Does anybody have any idea why it does this, and how to make it not to? http://skalpell.se/clients/ellermore/test/

Plz halp

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I found that removing the H2 Test from the dom (on the parent page) using developer tools made it go away.

Very strange. I have no idea why, but I really doubt this is a GSAP thing. 


If you animate different properties does the same thing happen?

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I'm not seeing any animation in the iframe in your link to evaluate it?


There's several things that might cause something like this happen but we would need to observe it in action to provide any suggestions.


Also if possible it's best to create it in a codepen to help us better diagnose. On that note as well codepen embeds content in an iframe, you could also inspect their settings for a solution.


UPDATE: I see Carl beat me to it, but I'm not seeing anything in the iframe on my machine???

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Thank you Carl! What a strange thing. Would never have guessed it myself. So thanks a lot!

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3 minutes ago, Carl said:

hey @Visual-Q you have to click the very unintuitive 980x300 link.





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