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Manipulating timeline inside iframe

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function handleComplete(evt) {
    exportRoot = new lib.somersbycoop728x90fr();

    stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas);

    createjs.Ticker.addEventListener("tick", stage);

    // console.log(exportRoot);
    // globalTimeline = TimelineLite.exportRoot(exportRoot);


Is there any option to pause, resume, and seek timeline of banner inside iframe?
Above code is from banner.

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


If your banner and parent document are loaded from the same domain, then I believe yes.

Your globalTimeline var will also have to be attached to window (be globally accessible).


This stackoverflow post illustrates how to target a variable in an iframe from parent:





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I tried to get that variable but globalTimeline is not defined. 

We have one banner that has one stage or scene which is in loop even timeline is paused.


function Pause() {
  if (stage && stage.children) {

    var i, l = stage.children.length;

    for (i = 0; i < l; i++) {
      var child = stage.children[i];


      if ("gotoAndStop" in child)
        var pos = parseInt(child.timeline.position);


This is part of the code I use to pause the timeline, do you think this is correct way?

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Sorry, I have no idea what that code is supposed to do. I don't see globalTimeline defined nor do I know what stage.children is or what child.timeline.setPaused = true is. That looks more like CreateJS code and not GreenSock code.


We really have to stay focused on the GSAP API. 

I would suggest you set up a VERY basic demo of a page that loads an iframe with a single variable or object in it. Try accessing that variable from the parent. If you get that to work, re-assign that variable to your timeline. Unfortunately If you can't target a single variable in an iframe then there is no point in dealing with the complexity of the second part (timelines, parents, stages, loops, etc). 


I haven't dealt with iframes much and there are quite a few security measures that browsers impose. I think you will do best on stackoverflow or somewhere else that deals with more general webdev issues. 



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