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Timelines and Tween Stops/Pauses during Scroll

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Hi folks,


i have a very strange issue where Tweens and Timelines "pauses" during the Page is scrolled in Google Chrome.

Seems that this happens  until the Timeline / Tweens runs at least once.


I can not reproduce this in a CodePen, however i was hoping that you can give me some direction i could look for.  


Basically i have multiple Timelines (using latest TweenMax engine 2.02, TweenMax and TimlineMax)  where a few dozens of Animations happens. 

When I scroll (continuously) the timelines  and Tweens pauses.  Short breaks in the Scroll let the Animations continue immediately until next Scroll event triggers.


I added an onUpdate event listener on the tweens and timelines, and it clearly shows that it is not triggered (Tween paused) during the scroll. 

I made for fun a test and  it shows that by creating an own Scroll Listener and triggering the Timelines / tweens from there works fine. (Like tween.time()). 


Any Idea would be great ! I am looking for this since days.    

Thanks and cheers,


Krisztian from ThemePunch

Ps.: In case you may want to see this, the video here shows the issue very well: https://we.tl/t-jYeIIZplVH

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Please close the Ticket. Issue has been solved due some Timeline / Tween Reorganisation.  As always,  GreenSock Rocks ! 


Thanks you and cheers,



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thanks for letting us know.

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