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Setting visibility of tween max

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Dear All thank you for your time ,I am working on a path flow project using tween max .

Is there a way to set the visibility of all the path followers to zero on initial start ,as in "TweenMax.pauseAll();" like TweeMax.visibility=0;

and then convert the visibility of the tween max path follower to 1 visibility using a button.

Been searching for this cant seem to find anything.

I can do it by making the main movie clip that all the tweens reside in visibility=false ,last time i used mask to cover the 

paths just wanted a more eloquent way of doing it.

Thank you 





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If you put all your objects into an array you could use staggerTo.

var textFields = [tf1, tf2, tf3, tf4, tf5];
TweenMax.staggerTo(textFields, 0, {alpha:0}, 0);



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