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GSDevTools blinks end of timeline on start

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I noticed that GSDevTools causes an blink of the end of the timeline on the start of the animation.


Is there a possibillity to get change this? 



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Hm, would you mind providing a reduced test case (perhaps in codepen or jsfiddle) that demonstrates the issue? It's just tough to troubleshoot blind. Happy to help, I just need a little context. 

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Oh, one problem I see right away is that you're loading a very old version of GSAP. GSDevTools requires 1.20.3 or later. Please update and then if you're still having trouble, let us know. 

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I changed the GSAP version but the problem still exists.


Is there an other solution for this? 

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hmm, it seems your demo doesn't have GSDevTools controlling the animation at all.

Please zip your fla and attach it here (without GSDevTools).

The more you can simplify your file by removing unneccesary tweens and assets the better. If you can replicate the blink with 2 tweens that would be great.


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Thanks for the file.

I'm not seeing any blinking at all




All I did was remove repeat:2 from the timeline so that I didn't have to watch for a full 57 seconds.

Tried at various timescales with looping on and it always looked good.


Is there a particular browser / OS this is happening on?


Can you more clearly describe what is blinking and when?





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Thanks for your quick reply! 


I can see it in your link too. I'm working on OS 10.13.2, checked it in chrome and safari. 


if you hit command+r (refresh) than you can see the end of the timeline in just a blink (0.2 seconds or less) after that the animation starts. It goes real fast but you can see it before the animation starts. 


It's just one blink, to make it more clear. (the blue rectangle is very striking)

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Doh! Sorry I thought the blink happened when you got to the end of the timeline and restarted. I read your question wrong.


Ok. Yeah. Now I am seeing that very strange. The end frame of the animation (with the blue band) is displaying quickly on page load / refresh and that asset is offstage and should not be seen until the end. We will have to dig further.

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Thank so far!


I'll try to explain my problem more clearly the next time...


Hope you have the solution for this problem. 

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