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Draw SVG in PIXI.js Canvas

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Does anyone know of a working example or a pen using the GSAP SVGdraw plugin inside of Pixi.js canvas setup ? 


The goal is to draw ( animate ) svg paths of an svg redrawn inside of Canvas. ( svg inside the canvas is setup as Pixi graphics object. )



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DrawSVGPlugin is only intended for SVG, not for PixiJS/canvas. However there's probably a way to creatively merge the two with enough effort. Unfortunately it's not something I have time to craft for you at the moment. Perhaps @OSUblake will swing by and lend some wisdom. He's usually a wiz at this stuff since he's great with PixiJS and SVG.  

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Drawing graphics with Pixi is limited because of the way WebGL works. If you want SVG quality graphics, you'll need to use a 2D canvas as a texture, using the PIXI.Texture.fromCanvas method, and then call update every time you change that canvas.


That's how I do the morphing in this example.


See the Pen oWzVvb by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


To draw strokes using canvas, here's a couple posts.



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