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Hello, I am new to this program and running into a little issue, I have created a parent_mc that has several children parent_mc.child_1, parent_mc.child_2, parent_mc.child_3 etc.


I have created a new BlitMask on the parent

var blitMask1:BlitMask = new BlitMask( parent_mc, parent_mc.x, parent_mc.y, 100, 100, true, true, 0xFFFFFF, true);


and then I am trying to Alpha in and out one of the child MC like this, .2, {alpha:0, repeatDelay:.2, repeat:5, yoyo:true})


The blitMask works fine, but the child will not alpha in and out


If I comment out the blitMask1 line, then the child alpha's in and out correctly, but I need a blitMask



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A BlitMask is a bitmap representation of your MovieClip. Once the bitmap is created it is much easier to move it around the screen.

If you want to animate child elements you would have to disable the BlitMask, animate the children and then enable the BlitMask again and call update() on it again.

If you are making constant updates to the BlitMask object's children (like fading them in and out) you could also call update() many times but that would negate the performance benefits of using a BlitMask.


Hopefully this helps. We don't really support the AS3 tools any more as the market has shifted to HTML5, but you are free to use them as you please.

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