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jQuery version Dependancy and non es6

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getting an error Uncaught ReferenceError: Timelinelite is not defined. 


Timelinelite is being grouped together in one concatenated file, it is an old project that isn't using modules or bundling using require and it seems like it is not being added to or accessible on the window for some reason.


I was wondering if it was a jQuery comparability issue? or something to do with the recent update to accommodate es6 imports?  What is the minimum jQuery version required?


many thanks,



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GSAP doesn't use jQuery, and it doesn't need to be imported, bundled, transpiled, or any other build process. It's just a regular JavaScript file that works out of the box. But since you brought up jQuery, maybe that's the problem. You said it was an old file, and there have been a lot of breaking changes between v1, v2, and v3.


Can you post the files, and we can take a look?


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