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ModifiersPlugin helper functions

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Just wanted to share some nice functions I came across that can be used with the ModifiersPlugin.


Doing a normal modulus calculation restarts the value at 0, which may not be what you want.

500 % 500 // => 0

This function will allow you to do a modulus operation for a min/max range.

wrap(500, -100, 500); // => -100

function wrap(value, min, max) {
  var v = value - min;
  var r = max - min;

  return ((r + v % r) % r) + min;

And this is a modified version of that function that will make the modulus value "yoyo".


mirroredWrap(600, -100, 500); // => 400

function mirroredWrap(value, min, max) {
  var v  = value - min;
  var r1 = max - min;
  var r2 = r1 * 2;
  v = (r2 + v % r2) % r2;
  return v > r1 ? (r2 - v) + min : v + min;

With the first wrap function you can do some interesting stuff, like making an object appear in two different places, kind of like in those old asteroid games.



And with the mirroredWrap, you can do stuff like creating multiple bounces with a single tween.

See the Pen mRJeNX by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen



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Slick stuff, Blake! Thanks for sharing. 

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