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Dynamic textfield width and same speed

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I created little AS3 aplication for simulate LED display. User can modyfy xml file to set some parameters like: font size and style, textfield position and size.


I do animation by this code:

	var bannerW1: Number = txt_1.width
	var bannerH1: Number = txt_1.height;
	var banner1: BlitMask = new BlitMask(txt_1, txt_1.x, txt_1.y, bannerW1, bannerH1, true, true, 0x00DDDD00, true);
	banner1.bitmapMode = true;
	var tween1: TweenMax = new TweenMax(txt_1, 9, {
		x: -txt_1.width,
		repeat: -1,
		ease: Linear.easeNone
	var bannerW2: Number = txt_2.width
	var bannerH2: Number = txt_2.height;
	var banner2: BlitMask = new BlitMask(txt_2, txt_2.x, txt_2.y, bannerW2, bannerH2, true, true, 0x00DDDD00, true);
	banner2.bitmapMode = true;
	var tween2: TweenMax = new TweenMax(txt_2, 9, {
		x: -txt_2.width,
		repeat: -1,
		ease: Linear.easeNone

I noticed that scroll speed depense on text field width (longer field = fastes scrool).

Is there any way to set scroll speed constant independently of text field width?








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Sure. Right now, you've written your code such that the tween always has a duration of 9 seconds and travels the width of the text (that's why it moves further per second for longer text). You just need to alter your duration accordingly. Pick how many pixels per second you want it to move, and then do the math. Kinda like:

var pixelsPerSecond:Number = 500; //tweak this
var duration:Number = txt_1.width / pixelsPerSecond; //plug this into your tween as the duration. 
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