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Multiples targets with multiple values

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This had to be discussed but i can't find a topic about it.


Is there a way to do something like :

var obj1 = { myValue:random };
var obj2 = { myValue:random };
TweenMax.to([obj1, obj2, ...], d, { myValue:[value1, value2, ...] });

when at the end :

obj1.myValue // value1
obj2.myValue // value2


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Of course a for loop do the job...

var objs = [...];
var values = [...];
for (var i = 0; i < objs.length; i++)
    TweenMax.to(objs[i], d, { myValue:values[i] });

But we have to declare two arrays first, a single line would be more elegant!

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Eh? What? Not sure what the question is.


But, if you want to cycle thru several values in several elements, the cycle method is your friend. ;)


Check out the link but here's the basic usage using your example as a basis:

TweenMax.staggerTo([obj1, obj2, ...], d, { cycle:{myValue:[value1, value2, ...]} });

If you omit the stagger amount, it will behave as a simple .to() tween, by the way.

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You may have not understood the question, but you managed to provide the answer !

staggerTo was the keyword, thanks for that

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