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how to make a clone not inherit css position: fixed attribute from parent?

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Hi, i am having an issue that i just cant solve.


The demo Codepen illustrates the problem best. I would really appreciate if someone could help me.


Basically, I have a <div> with position: fixed property. Inside this <div> i have an image that is cloned when it is dragged. The problem i have is that i don't want the clone to have position: fixed.



See the Pen VaMqwX by turnono (@turnono) on CodePen

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I have one more issue (currently), and that is to be able to center the mouse to the dragged item whilst dragging it. How can i do that? 



Ok i have managed to sort that out too. here is the updated codepen:  

See the Pen JXOKNG?editors=0010 by turnono (@turnono) on CodePen

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