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Club Greensock file sizes

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Can anyone let me know the file size of each plugin of the Club Greensock files? Most importantly, the new MorphSVGPlugIn released today (Dec 22)? I am considering buying, but I need to know if they are small enough to use in my banners. 

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Sure, MorphSVGPlugin is about 5kb gzipped. There's a LOT of functionality baked in there :) 


Keep in mind that most ad networks won't count the file size of TweenMax against you, so you only pay the price of MorphSVGPlugin from a file size standpoint (at least on all the networks we're aware of). 


Happy tweening!

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Thanks very much. Do you happen to know if this new tween on a path plug in can also tween a bitmap along a path?

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Sure, it doesn't really matter what your target is. It should be no problem to animate an image or a div or an SVG element. Absolutely.

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