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SplitText / plugins for banners / CDN hosting?

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I would like to use the SplitText plugin for a banner we are working on.


I know it's a benefit of Club Greensock, but is there a CDN link for it? Are there CDN links for the other plugins as well?


Hosting and file sizes have been a major obstacle with the transition to HTML5.


Is there somewhere on this site where each plugin's file size is listed?



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Sorry, we can't host the bonus plugins on a CDN as they would just be way too easy to steal.

For bonus plugins like SplitText you should minify them and try to package them into your main js file that you load or the html.


DoubleClick is now officially hosting the core of GSAP (all the free stuff) 



Most major networks have their own CDN solutions in place and also recommend that GSAP isn't counted towards file size.

They understand that it is totally wasteful to serve millions of ad impressions that load their own unique versions of GSAP. 


See chart: http://greensock.com/kilobyte-conundrum/


We understand a lot of folks are still playing by there own rules but we're seeing major improvements across the board.


Is there a particular network or publisher that is giving you trouble?


Please feel free to send them the article above, we've found that just a little bit of education can go a long way.

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