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lock scale ratio while [SOLVED]

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Hey is there an easy way to lock the width and height ratio? I'm trying to set the width of the mc equal to the stage but have the height keep to scale also. So the wider I open my stage the taller the mc gets also. :S Thanks in advance.


sizeXListener = new Object();

sizeXListener.onResize = resizerX;


function resizerX() {




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Sure, you'd just need to do the math:


var ratio:Number = main.height / main.width;
function resizerX() {
   var w:Number = Math.floor(Stage.width); 
   TweenLite.to(main,0,{_width:w, _height:w * ratio});

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Thanks a lot. I found an article on it but your solution is ten times shorter. Your brain must be really heavy. :mrgreen:

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