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Scaling SVG blurry

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First of all, an other big up to the greensock team for their excellent work, I am so happy my transition to HTML was hassle-free thanks to tweenmax!


When I upscale an SVG the SVG gets blurry while tweening. When it has finished tweening it gets crisp again.

Any workarounds?


Example: http://nicolasdesle.be/svgtest/



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Hello nicolasdesle, and Welcome to the GreenSock forum!


What your seeing is a webkit browser bug, That is why you wont see that blurriness in Firefox. WebKit Apple and WebKit Chrome (Blink) have a bug when transforming text, img tags, and background-images.


So you need to add force3D:false to your tween. force3D is part of the GSAP CSSPlugin. This will fix that webkit bug. So your img tag (even though an svg) does not get blurry when transforming,


If possible to better help you. Can you please set up a codepen demo example. We love code we can test in a live editable environment. Since we really cant properly test your code the way it is right now on your server.


Here is a video tut by GreenSock on how to create a codepen demo example!




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Thanks Jonathan, I just added force3D:false and it works perfectly now!


This is my code:

TweenMax.to("#logowrapper", 8, {scale:8, ease:Sine.easeIn, delay:.5, force3D:false});
Thanks again!
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