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Advanced transition effects possible in GSAP?

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Hello everyone,


I have just started with HMTL 5 banner ads. My current task is to recreate some of our Flash banners with HTML.

I am trying to find out how to create transition effects in HTML5 banners.


Can GSAP (or a plugin) handle following effects?





Is a standard (free) license to create banners for a company?


Can someone please help me?

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Here is a codepen of a 300x250 image slider


See the Pen OVbYXa by kompiajaib (@kompiajaib) on CodePen


Ann autoplay 300x250 slider


See the Pen xbpJRX by anon (@anon) on CodePen


A 320x480 category slider


See the Pen EagNJZ by Shven (@Shven) on CodePen


A paralax 320x480 with prev. next nav


See the Pen LbsEK by brianjhanson (@brianjhanson) on CodePen

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