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Simple3D - flash 10 error

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i have a copy of your Simple3D.as for being a member, however i find that flash 10 gives an error and only works on flash 9. is there a workaround?

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Simple3D is pretty much completely unnecessary if you're plublishing to Flash Player 10 because Flash Player 10 natively supports rotationX, rotationY, and rotationZ, along with x, y, and z properties. Is there a reason you wanted to use Simple3D in FP10?

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i see.

i just thought that the simplicity of simple 3d was nice, also the way it worked with tweenlite. i know papervision can achieve something like this as well. how would you rotate with 3d perspective natively in flash 10?


var my3DView = new Simple3D(mc, {precision:16, autoUpdate:true, rotationY:-45});

TweenLite.to(my3DView, 2, {rotationY:0});

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