Bezier paths - image inverted on rotate

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I have an image which, in this case is a fish that follows a Bezier path starting left to right and then "double backs" to the left.


My problem is that the image inverts to upside down on the return path. What am I doing wrong please.


Codepen URL attached.


Thanks in advance



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Yeah, that's expected behavior because of the autoRotate that's applied. Imagine it going around a circular Bezier - as it gets to the right side and continues around, it'd get upside down. There are a lot of ways you could handle this, like by disabling the autoRotate and manage the rotation yourself using another tween of just the rotation property, or you could do something like this:


Notice I used timelines just to make the sequencing easier, but that's not entirely necessary. I also offset the start time of them by random amounts to get a slightly scattered effect. You'd probably want to add some random variance to the x/y values too inside the loop, but that's totally up to you. Hopefully this gives you a nudge in the right direction. 


Docs for BezierPlugin:

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