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Guest GRDC

Printing a timeline

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Before I go trying to reinvent the wheel, I thought I'd ask if anyone has experiencing in printing a timeline and its nested timelines/tweens in block format.  What I'm envisioning are blocks whose widths are relative to their duration, contain nested elements which can be interacted with the fin-tune and/or reorder animations.

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Hello reanimator, and Welcome to the GreenSock Forums!


I'm having trouble understanding what your looking for when you write .. "printing a timeline and its nested timelines/tweens in block format"


Do you mean like seeing the timeline in a visual way, like in Flash or Edge Animate?


Do you have an example of what your envisioning, this way we can better help you!


Thank You :)

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Hi Jonathan,


Precisely like the way Flash shows timelines, with adjacent divs representing subsequent timelines, and their nested contents displayed similarly (either initially hidden or stacked beneath.


In my code, each timeline and tween is generated by an underlying JS object, which the user can manipulate to change the on-screen actions.  I was thinking it would be nice to show this to the user in a format which captures the sequence of events occurring as the timeline progresses.


The iteration over the timeline and its children is not the major hurdle, it's the CSS/HTML generation required to display the timelines that I'm requesting advice on.

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