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Loading Movie clips with array from XML

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I have tried for a long time, but with no success, to transform movie clips loaded fron an array.


My array looks will just run fine when I'm running it like this

var manager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[links0,links1,links2,links4], forceSelectionToFront:true, eventHandler:onAnyEvent});


When I'm trying to access my array like this Transformmanager will not work

var manager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:linkArray, forceSelectionToFront:true, eventHandler:onAnyEvent});


I' building my array in a loop like this:



When I'm checking my array with trace it look just fine and exactly as it should. But it is'nt working in TransformManager.


Please help

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You must pass real references to the object, not just their String names. In other words:


BAD: targetObjects:["links0","links1","links2","links4"]

GOOD: targetObjects:[links0,links1,links2,links4] //(assuming links0, links1, etc. reference valid MovieClips)


XML stuff is always just String data, so you're telling TransformManager that you want to literally transform text/Strings instead of the actual MovieClips themselves.

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