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Found 1 result

  1. I have ten videos that I want to play, pause,scale up, change volume and unload. I created ten vars representing each video. EXAMPLE: var sterling1:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader(“assets/sterling1.mp4”,{name:”sterling1”, container:this, onProgress:progressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler, autoplay:false}); I have ten MCs representing each video, each one with an ID. EXAMPLE: sterlingButs.sterling1.ID = “sterling1”; I created a function called playVid that I want to use to play the videos. function playVid(event:MouseEvent):void {; trace("targetMovie "+targetMovie); VARIABLE_HERE.load(); choreoButs.gotoAndStop("none"); sterlingButs.gotoAndStop("one"); break; ETC… I also have functions representing Rewind, Forward, scaleUp, and ScaleBack. EXAMPLE: controls.RewBut.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,RewVidHandler); function RewVidHandler(event:MouseEvent):void { trace("Fwd"); trace(VARIABLE_HERE.videoTime); VARIABLE_HERE.gotoVideoTime(VARIABLE_HERE.videoTime-5); I can’t seem to figure out how to cast the variable I get when clicking the button into the VideoLoader instance name. Sorry if this seems too basic, but I just have a hard time with data types.