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Found 1 result

  1. thrasherstudios77

    Multiple video steams causing issues

    I have a slideshow where each slide can be a video, swf, image ect. Each video slide is a VideoLoader instance and has its own video player. So I am running into this issue where if I watch one video slide and then navigate to another video slide when I hit the play pause button it stops the current video and starts playing the previous slide's video. So its like there are 2 streams currently in memory. So I thought that what I needed to do was on transition out of a slide I should close the netstream for the video slide I am navigating away from. Like this public function disableMedia():void { _player.playPause(); _player.videoLoader.gotoVideoTime(0); _player.videoLoader.netStream.close(); } But because (I think) I am taking a bitmapdata snapshot of each slide to handle some transition effects between slides netStream.close() causes a Sandbox Violation error. SecurityError: Error #2123: Security sandbox violation: BitmapData.draw: file:///D|/Media%20Prime/Gaia/deploy/swf/intro.swf cannot access null. No policy files granted access. at flash.display::BitmapData/draw() at com.jammin.slideshow.view::SlideshowView/updateMedia() at at at com.jammin.slideshow.model::SlideshowModel/changeMedia() at com.jammin.slideshow.controller::SlideshowController/mediaLoaded() at at at at at at com.greensock.loading.core::LoaderCore/_passThroughEvent() at at at com.greensock.loading.core::LoaderCore/_completeHandler() at com.greensock.loading::VideoLoader/_enterFrameHandler() NetStatusEvent. code: NetStream.Seek.Notify Now I only get the error when I try to close the stream. Otherwise I am able to take a snapshot of the video on transition out with no problem. So maybe I am not approaching this problem the right way. And I am not sure if it is an issue with Greensock Loading classes or Flash video classes.