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  1. Yes - thank you. Went through that code along with some videos and written documentation, and that helped things gel quite a bit.
  2. Hi - Trying to learn and explore some possibilities with GSAP. Was playing with SteppedEase and wanted to know if there was a way to alternate movements with this, say move a square 200px right, then 200px down, then 200px right again and so forth. I tried using a for loop with modulo to alternate tweens but wasn't sure how to structure things. Have attached codepen and would appreciate any suggestions.
  3. got it - thank you
  4. Found this site in your examples tab - and was wondering if this can be recreated/approximated with GSAP or if additional platforms would be required. (I'm talking about the dragging through liquid animation with resulting ripples) Thanks. https://www.ultranoir.com/en/
  5. Thanks so much - that fixed it. Will make sure to review some basics on javascript to minimize silly mistakes going forward.
  6. I'm using JavaScript - just entering it into the 'Actions' layer in the first frame within Animate CC after Including the GSAP library. Just tried ading three movieclips and naming them nav1, nav2, and nav3. Then put those into a var myNav = [nav1, nav2, nav3] But when I hit Test, I'm not getting any results when I try to use TweenMax as you showed above. Is there anything i need to do with the index.html file before testing? Or some other initial steps i need to do? Thanks
  7. Hi - Looking to rebuild an old site I'd made in Adobe Flash (CS6) using the GAIA framework (no longer supported) along with some Greensock code. Was watching a tutorial that showed how 'Stagger' could be used with TweenMax so if you had several items of the same class (say 5 navigation buttons), you could animate those onto the screen in interesting ways. I've included the GSAP code into a new Animate CC project, but I can't figure out how to assign several symbols / movie clips / or buttons a class so that TweenMax can animate them. I do have Dreamweaver CC as well as Brackets, and a rudimentary understanding of HTML, actionscript, javascript, and css though I haven't used those much for a few years - so would appreciate some assistance (& workflow tips ) for getting off the ground. Thanks
  8. Hey carl - Thanks for the detailed reply with code and links. I've watched a number of your tutorials (and just watched the one you linked to in your reply) - and they're some of the best ones out there. You do a great job at mixing the necessary coding details with examples that show real world functionality, and while I was reluctant to add Greensock onto the teetering stack of web programs / platforms / languages that I'm trying to get a handle on, your tutorials helped convince me to make the leap - so much thanks for those as well. Have things working nicely now, and look forward to using the increased timeline flexibility in future projects.
  9. I have a movie clip called myClip which is 100 frames long and has labels at the following frames: 0-start; 50-middle; 100-end Can someone explain how to make my myClip play from start to middle and back to start during a mouse ROLL_OVER event for one button, and from end to middle to end when I roll over another button. Ideally I'd be able to loop over those ranges as well (so keep bouncing from start to middle to start to middle until ROLL_OUT from button). I'm pretty sure this can be done through Greensock's Tweening and Timeline platform, but can't quite get it working. Thanks for any assistance.