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  1. Hi Chris,


    I'm glad that you can look back in the forum.
    I admire your work!
    Therefore, the LIKES on Monday.
    You deserve a top status.


    Best regards
    Manfred Kempener (Mikel)


    1. chrisgannon


      Well I don't really deserve that because I don't post very often but thanks!

  2. Draggable Chrome

    Hey Jack, I'm running into this issue too with Spin2Win Wheel. All reports of Draggable not working are coming from Android users running Chrome. I just tried this beta version of Draggable and that has fixed it! Is this version of Draggable distributable yet? I need to offer a fix to customers sharpish.
  3. Hi, I made this tool called ScrubGSAPTimeline a while back that enables you to scrub through a timeline using your mouse. Not sure why I never posted it here. Or maybe I did - my memory is terrible. Anyway you can move your mouse out of the window to play the timeline animation and it plays from where your mouse was inside the window - so if your mouse was 45% along on the X axis of your window when it left, your animation will play from 45% of the way through the timeline's duration. You can also double click to pause scrubbing. This is useful if you want to right click and inspect an element in dev tools. You'll need to set the position of your main DIV/SVG container to absolute (I think!) otherwise you won't see the time display. I use this on every single animation project I make now so I hope you find it as useful as I do. GitHub CodePen demo: Cheers, Chris
  4. Need to Build Interactive Bubble Cloud with Animations

    Cheers Blake!
  5. Feature Request: Wrap values (modulo)

    Hey Blake, On the contrary I think there are several obvious applications but I'm sure there are many more less obvious ones - the very fact that the ease on the tween continues at the correct rate is a huge feature. Not only will gamers benefit from this but animators too. As always excellent work Blake - I'm going to take this for a proper spin this week - add it into some projects and see how I can apply it. Btw should this work with plugins like DrawSVG?
  6. Feature Request: Wrap values (modulo)

    Thanks for the heads up on this Carl - it looks really interesting and with some more thought I imagine there all sorts of possibilities. Out of curiosity how would this example work if you wanted the boxes to move left instead of right? I tried a few things but nothing worked. I also tried it with SVG attributes using the cycle syntax which didn't work.
  7. Typewriter effect

    I've had to create an iOS typing effect recently so I thought I'd share my solution. It's not the same as the demos above but it's another approach with a similar result.
  8. Easing Request - Anticipate Ease

    This looks exactly like the kind of ease I've been wanting. Back.easeIn sometimes needs a smooth easeOut and there it is - great work
  9. Animating clip-path

    I used this technique sort of to create this - it was a massive ball ache I don't recommend anyone else try it as the result to effort ratio is pretty lopsided (the wrong way).
  10. Draggable SVG element which is also rotatable

    Some of my demos may be of use (functionally speaking). I've implemented draggable SVG elements using onUpdate to move them.
  11. Animating SVG's fill-opacity

    Ok I just read on another post that I don't need to use the AttributePlugin. D'oh.
  12. Animating SVG's fill-opacity

    As a follow up I'm finding that even though I declare 'fill' in the attributes this same thing is happening. I can't animate the fill (using AttributePlugin) from one colour to another. It just jumps to it at the end of the tween. Any ideas?
  13. Animating SVG's fill-opacity

    Great idea and it works a treat.
  14. Reverse opacity does not work in Edge Animate

    Was the opacity of eLinkedInTekst ever 0? If not tLinkedInTekst won't ever know that a 'reverse()' call means that eLinkedInTekst's opacity should return to 0.