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    Rounding 'scale' property

    Thanks so much!!! works great. cp
  2. thank you that works! cp
  3. I have a function that loops and appends an elements to a div. How can i reference this newly added element and tween it? clickableGrid: function( ){ for (var i = 0; i < 30; i ++) { var box = createItem(); $("#tilesview").append(box); //How can i reference this newly added element and tween it?$(box), duration, {css : {top:90,left: 100},}); ? } } createItem: function () { var tileItem = "<div class='tileItem'><div class='tileImage'></div><div class='tileTitle'>test</div></div>" return tileItem }, I have been adding them to the stage and then using boxes.each( function (i){ box = $(this); } to target each added item. but i bet there is a better way. only one iteration. thanks cp
  4. colep

    How to fix rendering artifacts in Chrome

    Thank you so much!
  5. colep

    phone gap

    has anyone got tweenlight js to work in a phone gap app? how about a wp7 phone gap app? thanks cp
  6. colep

    optimize for mobile

    I am building a pure action script mobile project for the IPad. I will be scrolling through full screen 40 images. 1024 by 768. Any tips or tricks for optimizing this using Greensock? ThrowPropsPlugin ? I want to use panel-based flick scrolling but am worried about performance with such large images. Do you have any thoughts of re: using the scroll rect? withThrowPropsPlugin ? I see you are using masks with your examples which i am worried about doing on mobile. thanks cp
  7. Building a flash website. Using Liquid Stage. the FB profiler is showing me that liquid stage is not being garbage collected. so i turned my reference into a class prop and tried to manually destroy. if ( _ls ) { _ls.release(_holder); _ls = null; } Still no luck. any thoughts?
  8. What would I want use in this case? 1. I am scaling my content to fit the browser size. 2. my content is a sprite holding lots of clips (also sprites). picture a row of thumbnails for a gallery. 3. once all the clips are added I want to be able to scroll them back and forth horizontally. 4. the holder will be wider than the stage, which acts as a mask. 5. so I want the clips to be able to be off screen. and i want them to scale up correctly per the browser size. and does your solution have any performance issues? thanks for your time! cp
  9. do i want to use dynamicTween ? is there an example of this? one more note. i am scaling the content as well. So i understand when i resize liquid area is going apply the initial params. how do i update these params? cp
  10. My Content ... _map = new Map(); _holder.addChild(_map); I want my content to scale with the browser size. So i am using liquid area. _liquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 30, 0, 990, 600); _liquidArea.attach(_holder, ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_INSIDE, AlignMode.CENTER, AlignMode.TOP); I now want to be able to tween _map off the stage and not have everything reset when I resize the browser. any thoughts? every time i re size the browser everything resets. My content centers. i want it to remain where i tweened it. thanks for your time, Cole