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  1. Emilek1337

    Images onload

    Thank you, let's say I have timelines which are depending on the duration of the imagesanim timeline. Can I put all of my code in the window.onload function? Because otherwise the imagesAnim.duration() for example won't be accessible outside the function scope.
  2. Emilek1337

    Images onload

    I'm creating a page intro with gsap. It looks ok for now. However if you open the site for the first time, all images get loaded at once, at page load, it results in like 0.5s when the imges are all shown at once before the animation actually begins. Can't I set the visibility to hidden and only show the images when they are being animated in gsap? So just before I animate the given picture, just set the visibility to visible using gsap or some other way to load the image only when it's actually needed.
  3. Emilek1337

    Crossfade animation

    Thank you so much. I'm also creating a loading bar which changes the width from 0 to 100%. I want to make the bar animation as long as the background images animation. So when I end animating the images the loading bar is at width 100%. Can I somehow connect the loading bar animation to make it always equal to the duration of the other timeline with the images?
  4. Emilek1337

    Crossfade animation

    Im animating background images using autoAlpha to smoothly animate the images when they change, however the images switch only when I set the z-index according to the order. Now let's say I want to animate 100 images one after another like I did in the example. Is there a better more efficient way to just set the z-index on the item that is being animated at the moment or something like this? I'm looking for a better way to order the images. Btw. Am I doing the crossfade the right way? I need to zoomin and switch images, is this the best way to do it?
  5. Emilek1337

    Tween direction

    Thank you for your help, I can't really make use of your example cause I use the overlay animation to reveal an image underneath. So I have the overlay and with my fromTo I hide the overlay and the image is shown. I don't think thats the right way to do this. Can't I just somehow animate the img width from 0% to 100% starting from the right? I want to achieve similiar effect to this example: https://elimchan.com/
  6. Emilek1337

    Tween direction

    I have a code like this: .fromTo(".overlay", 2, {scale:1.5}, {xPercent:100, transformOrigin: "0 100%", ease: "gil"}) The overlay goes from left to right, how can I make it go from right to left? Im using TimelineMax