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    Page transition

    Thank you, that's what I was looking for: D and thanks for the tips.
  2. saomartinho

    Page transition

    Hello, I'm doing a website and wanted to implement some page transitions. The goal would be to implement something like this - I already managed to do something similar, the entry animation* is what I intend. The output* is still not what I want because I got stuck in an error that happens during the animation. When I run the first time, it performs as I want, but when I run it again, there is one step it fails to do, and I can not figure out why. The step that does not seem to run is this, and jump straight to the set., 1, { left: '200%' }, 2 ); Entry animation* transitionElement, .8, { left: 0 } ); transitionLogo.from( transitionElementLogo, .5, { autoAlpha: .1 } ); transitionLogo.from(transitionElementLogo, .6, { scale: 5, transformOrigin:'100% 0' } ); Output animation*, 1, { left: '200%' }, 2 ); transitionPage.set(transitionElement, { clearProps : 'left'}, '+=2'); transitionLogo.set(transitionElementLogo, { clearProps : 'autoAlpha, scale'}); I'm now starting to work with gsap. Any suggestion?