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  1. Hey Dude, I just sent a new email and provided a download link as apposed to an attachment. Let me know if you are able to get it.
  2. I just sent that over. Let me know if you didn't get it and I need to resend.
  3. I have an html5 banner sample that I can share with you if that will help. Let me know. Ryan
  4. Just wrapped up some banners I did for CREMO. Enjoy! http://rabondigital.com/cremo
  5. Yeah, I agree with PointC about using SVG. I typically would break each letter individually then run staggerFrom on each, really mimicking the same effect that SplitText would provide. Cheers!
  6. Thank you very much!! I love GSAP!!! It's been such a pleasure using it to build out animations.
  7. I've just recently launched my new site with all my new and recent HTML5 banner work. It also includes some of my previous work in Flash. Happy viewing! http://rabondigital.com Cheers, Ryan Rabon
  8. My pleasure, Vitaliy!
  9. Hi Vitaly, Thank you very much! Yeah, I typically use css background when building out banners, but when it comes to making websites semantically <img> tags are the way to go. Really you could use either one for banners, it's really personal preference. A colleague started that infiniti banner, and did some of the setup. It was handed off to me to finish it up. He had already setup that sprite sheet with the copy, but I typically and prefer to work with svg. For that client I think we had to support older versions of IE which doesn't play nice with svg.
  10. Thank you very much! I appreciate it. Of course! Coming from a strong development background with a lot of big agency experience, I've had the opportunity to learn from great coders. With that said I strive to hand code all js, css, and html using best practices and as much as I can keep file size minimal as possible. Anything more specific you would like me to elaborate on?
  11. Here's just a few I've worked... http://rabondigital.com/html5/index.html Hope you enjoy!
  12. Hi Luke, I have a ton of experience developing banners for some top global agencies. I've put together a review link of a small handful of some I've worked on. http://rabondigital.com/html5/index.html Thanks, Ryan
  13. I'm having a problem with calling reverse on a timeline. It's jumping to the beginning and end of the animation. Can anyone help me solve this problem I'm having? Thanks, Ryan