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  1. Text effect with stagger and css filter ?

    Thank you for the reply Dipscom. In the first codepen I use the TweenMax library. Isn't CSSPlugin already inlcuded in TweenMax ? If that the case, my filter tweening still doesn't happen. I'm clueless.
  2. Hi GSAP team, I'm trying to animate text with a blur filter. After a quick search, I understand that my approach may not be correct. It seems that an "onUpdate" callback should be used to animate a css filter with GSAP. Just like here: Is it possible to animate a filter without a callback ? If no, what is the best way to integrate this in a stagger ? Thank you !!!
  3. Draggable & Resizable

    Great idea, I didn't thought about using Draggable to jump start a resize. Note that resizing from the bottom right corner is the easy part. It gets much more complex when trying to resize from all corners.
  4. Draggable & Resizable

    Hello GSAP team. Just my 2 cents about GSAP plugins. Draggable is a great piece of software. Dragging is often use with resizing, it would be great to have a "Resizable" plugin. I would pay for that. I just don't feel like adding jQuery to my project:
  5. How to "trim" a timeline ?

    @Carl Tweening a Timeline ... wow. This is great ! Thank you so much.
  6. How to "trim" a timeline ?

    Thank you Sahil. I need the GSAP DevTools timeline slider to work seamlessly, in all directions. Here are the main problems: - Not trimming the timeline will display infinite time. - If I use callbacks, when reaching the end, the background will stop forever, and the timeline slider will not make it play anymore. So I will have to code another callback to make it start again. A simple trim looked liked a more simple solution, than coding a group of callbacks.
  7. How to "trim" a timeline ?

    I have an animated background, which is infinitely looping. And an animated text foreground which has a finite time. Both are combined in a main timeline like this: var tl = new TimelineMax(); tl.add( backgroundTimeline, 0 ); tl.add( foregroundTimeline, 0 ); The main timeline total duration will be infinite, because of the infinite looping background. How would you "trim" the main timeline to make sure its duration equals the foreground duration. Without affecting time scale. Due to the nature of the project I cannot use callbacks to do something like "on foreground end" -> "stop background"
  8. Timescale only a part of a timeline ?

    Is it possible to compress/timescale a specific portion of a timeline ? For example I would like the first 5 seconds to take only 0.5 seconds and the rest of the timeline to be normal. Thank you
  9. How to tell if object is a Timeline ?

    Thank you very much Sahil, I went thru the docs too, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.
  10. How to tell if object is a Timeline ?

    Oh ... yes divide nice catch ! So I guess I should always check if a timeline's scale was changed in order to get the real duration ?
  11. How to tell if object is a Timeline ?

    Great thank you OSUblake ! Maybe you can help me with this one ( I don't want to flood the forum with my newbie questions ) : I need to extract duration from timelines that I don't know if they were scaled or not. Is there a quick way to get the "real duration" ? Or should I always do : var realDuration = timeline.duration() * timeline.timeScale();
  12. How to tell if object is a Timeline ?

    How would you validate that an object is a timeline ? typeof timeline // returns "object" // returns "d"
  13. How to detect changes in Timeline duration ?

    Yes, what you suggest is totally possible. But my goal here is to decouple the timeline's logic from the logic that needs to observe it: Or is there a "onSomethingAdded" event ?
  14. How to detect changes in Timeline duration ?

    I just saw the following, I guess it's not possible.
  15. What method would you use to detect changes in the timeline duration ?