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  1. If you want to show a sequence of images that are the frames of a video, maybe it would be worthwhile to investigate simply animating the video position:
  2. GSAP slider over scroll

    Hm, I don't know why that would happen, it works fine on my computer. It might come from the fact that you're using deprecated events – you should use 'wheel': $window.on("wheel", stipple(onMouseWheel, {delay: 0.2, leading: true})); function onMouseWheel(event) { if(event.originalEvent.deltaY < 0) { // go up (or down, I can't recall) } else { // go the other way } } More info here: (that page also provides a convenient polyfill for older browsers)
  3. GSAP slider over scroll

    Oh okay. well let us know if you encounter any other difficulties related to gsap
  4. if else Statement

    Also, just a small additional note, the delay for new timelines is 0 by default so you can just do leftClick = new TimelineMax();
  5. GSAP slider over scroll

    That's weird, any value should work! It defaults to a minimum of 0.001 but that's the only constraint (it can't be 0). Can you update your codepen to see how you're implementing it?
  6. GSAP slider over scroll

    Hi miks, you probably need a debounced function for this – a function that only activates once if it keeps getting called without a minimum time passed between two calls. You can either make one yourself, or use one that comes with lodash or underscore.js, or use this one that uses GSAP behind the scenes (and which I made): If you do use that one, you can do so like this: $window.on("mousewheel DOMMouseScroll", stipple(<your call>, {delay: x, leading: true})); (delay is the time that needs to pass without any scroll events before a next call can happen.)
  7. What easings comes out of the box (yeah, of what box)?

    Hi, (edit: whoops, I thought the two posts were by the same person! sorry @determin1st and @blaasvaer!) I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but the included eases are detailed in the corresponding section in the docs: CustomEase requires an additional plugin; CustomBounce and CustomeWiggle require a plugin and to have a Club GreenSock membership. Your RoughEase example is correct as far as I can tell, in fact it's the exact same as what's shown in the docs and the docs do use TweenLite. Generally, the page for TweenMax in the docs – – start off by mentioning what the 'Max' variant adds, namely:
  8. Why doesn't timeline start right with page loaded?

    Hi @ztartennery, We can't see the code used in the IHT course without getting a membership. I'm not suuuper familiar with ScrollMagic, but without seeing the code I would guess maybe you need to make the timeline paused when you create it? Something like this: var parallaxTL = new TimelineMax({paused: true});
  9. Filename makes problem

    Ah yeah, sorry that wasn't clear, the problem is totally unrelated to GSAP I assume. The only unexpected thing is, the new batch of images should only appear after it's fully loaded, but that's not what I get (my internet speed is probably a bit slow) and instead I get irregular patterns and images not changing even when, in the console, I do see the src attribute being changed. The only weird thing I noticed with GSAP is that when I tried setting onRepeat and repeatDelay on a TweenMax, it didn't work and I had to use TimelineMax. But that's completely unrelated to this thread! I'll create another one if I do run into the issue again in the future and can't figure it out
  10. Splittext and Denavagari

    I don't know either, to be honest! The only thing I can guess is what I did with the codepen above, where each character is pushed back to a separate string after the animation, to let the browser handle the joining. It is definitely a complex issue and one that someone who does speak Arabic would need to weigh in. I assume similar issues arise with other languages, like most of the ones used in Asia for instance. It is a bit of a can of worms
  11. Lines appearing after animation (issue on Chrome, Opera)

    I can't see anything and I'm using a Chromium browser, could you take a screenshot please?
  12. Filename makes problem

    I wanted to make a small test to show the position property (which is what I assume @Svein-Tore was thinking of when they said that Solution 2 was missing the time), using the imagesLoaded plugin to only switch to images that are ready to be displayed, but I encountered unexpected behaviour, not sure what's up with it. Here's the codepen regardless, the timeline code is good:
  13. Newbie trying to get DrawSVG Plugin working

    There are some forums where you have one "initial topic" and you can reply to it, or you can reply to the replies, or to the replies of replies, etc. and it creates a "tree" structure, a bit like reddit or facebook comments. However in other forums such as this one, "topic" (or thread) just means "one individual conversation" and adding a reply to it just means adding your comment to the end of that conversation. It can be confusing
  14. Splittext and Denavagari

    I think that's fantastic, Jack It still doesn't really work with languages like Arabic, where, well, the whole string is a "special char" in that it's all linked.. haha. But I guess, when considering the need to handle the rtl direction on top of this current issue, it would be a lot more work overall to provide satisfactory support. Maybe for a future release! Regardless, this one addition is great already, thanks for adding it so quickly!
  15. Splittext and Denavagari

    I updated the above codepen with another possible solution, it's a bit hacky but it involves passing the characters to a separate div once their animation is complete. I believe this would guarantee complete support since you're just recreating a regular string, but I guess the implementation wouldn't be trivial. Maybe a clean-up and a mention in the docs would work.