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    Inspiring HTML5 Banner Examples with GSAP

    Awesome work on the animation mate. I noticed it's also fully responsive well done!
  2. Bradley Lancaster

    Inspiring HTML5 Banner Examples with GSAP

    These are all really cool and unique great work!
  3. Bradley Lancaster

    Inspiring HTML5 Banner Examples with GSAP

    @Marlon Using Svg's for custom text, logos, graphics reduces file size and will always look crisp. This allowed you to bump up the quality of raster images. I also use Tinypng plugin for photoshop to reduce any png's and use Photoshop's save for web. Some Ads i have created recently had a specification of under 40kb. These Battery World ads are 100% SVG and came in around 32kb compressed.
  4. Bradley Lancaster

    Inspiring HTML5 Banner Examples with GSAP

    Awesome work @ryanrabon the Tetris game built into the truck is inspiring thanks for sharing!
  5. Bradley Lancaster

    Inspiring HTML5 Banner Examples with GSAP

    Here is a collection of campaign work and a UI i built for previewing campaigns that is responsive. It needs some work and a lot more campaigns to add to this. I will be updating it throughout the first quarter of the year.
  6. Bradley Lancaster

    Inspiring HTML5 Banner Examples with GSAP

    Love your work Joe! Awesome interaction design there and sleek animation styles.
  7. Bradley Lancaster

    ScrollMagic in Stardard HTML5 banners

    Hey everyone, I noticed that in Display and Video 360, Celtra Miniscrollers , XYZ playground demos, (check links) are all supporting parallax scrolling style banners using their own api, i noticed a big update to the Scrollmagic codebase a few days ago on Github and it's very recent with a lot of bug fixes. I think it would be really cool to start adding these affects to banners using GSAP and Scrollmagic combined. Has anyone had issues using Scrollmagic with publisher issues or in general or could post some examples here? Old prototype on Google. Cheers, Brad
  8. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding creating custom Clicktags on banners ads. Sizmek, DoubleClick, Flashtalking. Creating Clicktags that change within the banners is easy enough to do in javascript. The questions is that i know Clicktags are updated in the Ad-sever backend and overide the Clicktag within the banner. We want to pass Get for example, in our banners based on user input or interactions so that will be passed to the Clicktag. Is there a way to make it that Clicktags are hardcoded in the banner. The media agency can they just leave it blank so it doesn't overide what we do. I don't have Google Campaign Manager or other accounts to test this. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks. Brad
  9. Thanks @joe_midi This is true, i found the documentation and you should be using Enabler.exitOverride() or Enabler.exitQueryString().
  10. So i have found a solution with the help of Google and this is possible here is the answer from the Google team to help anyone needed a solution to a similar problem. Hi Bradley, I hope you're well today and you are now connected with Creative Ads Support team. I see that you want to know if it is possible to setup a different landing page URL into your creative then when a user inputs zipcode in the creative then click to exit, it will open the landing page with the inputed zipcode appended to the link. I would like to inform you that it is possible in the Studio for this creative. 1. Basically, you will need to setup the destination Urls into the feed and the feed will be imported to the profile in order to generate a dynamic code. That generated code will be use for you to implement dynamic to your creative. for example, your row one value is below: 2. Then in the creative, you will have to create a variable for you to combine or append the zipcode. . var zipcodeUrl = dynamicContent.TestFeed[0].zipUrl.Url + zipcode.txt; 3. Then add an enabler exit method into your click function to pull the destination url with appended zipcode. Enabler.exit("ZipCode Click", zipcodeUrl) Let us say that the user inputed a zipcode 3004 then the output should be like this: You can check the article below for more information. Create a feed Append values or parameter to URL I hope this information helps!
  11. Hi everyone, Please i need to know if Dynamic (feed driven) Google DoubleClick banners can be hand coded and not created using Google Web Designer. If so does anyone have any base templates to start from. I hand code everything using GSAP and i just want to inject the data using Javascript and not be tied down to Google Web Designer. I am willing to pay for Live Online training for someone who can help me with this or even doing builds in Google Web Designer and adding custom code. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Brad
  12. Bradley Lancaster

    Google DoubleClick Custom Dynamic Banners

    Here is an example @maxflick injection two images after the page loads using the feed generated by studio after uploading the feed. The click tags and api have been added and notice the folder structure is all in the root folder. Notice in the console you will see Studio SDK load. The images are hosted on S3 buckets you could easily make text editable in the feed as well. Hope this helps :-).
  13. Bradley Lancaster

    The day-job

    Awesome work love the smoke effects and flames :-).
  14. Bradley Lancaster

    Google DoubleClick Custom Dynamic Banners

    Hi Oliver thanks for you reply, i got things working. I set up the content then i share the Ad Id for the media agency. They traffic the ads via Campaign Manager and Adobe Advertising Cloud.
  15. Bradley Lancaster

    Google DoubleClick Custom Dynamic Banners

    Hey Ohem thanks so much i followed these guides and did some training on Academy for Ads now i can do Dynamic DoubleClick creative :-).
  16. Bradley Lancaster

    Google DoubleClick Custom Dynamic Banners

    Thanks i followed some advice here and got it working such a relief!
  17. Bradley Lancaster

    Google DoubleClick Custom Dynamic Banners

    Very interesting approach i think i will need to get onto using Animate CC so i can get some help from the Design Studio at work. Right now i can't keep up with the workload and i am the only HTML5 developer.
  18. Bradley Lancaster

    Google DoubleClick Custom Dynamic Banners

    Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for your replies and help. I have successfully created dynamic ads using the Studio HTML5 SDK. I follow the build guide @ohem referred to after completing two courses on the Google Academy of Ads. These are the courses you need to do to understand how to get feeds set up in Studio and set up Advertisers and Campaings. DoubleClick Studio Basics DoubleClick Dynamic Creative Basics Emailing Google to Get Studio Access did not work so i had to use the chat for account creation. Dynamic Content is not set up as default i had to contact Google again (via chat) to have them change this setting. There are around 30 steps to set this up the first time after you create your feed you can generate the feed code. Inject the feed data with your own data. I had to swap out low resolution images with high resolution images from an S3 bucket for a job as i was limited to 80kb but the client complained about image quality. We used dynamic ad placement to change the ad slot and now the client is happy. The things we have to do for some clients :-). Cheers, Brad
  19. Thanks Ohem the pdf Build Guide is very helpful!
  20. Hey Carl, I am planning on doing this GWD course wondering if you have had any dealings with jellyfish in the past or know of any other places to learn GWD especially integrating GSAP with GWD for Dynamic Remarketing and feed based ads. Link to course.
  21. Bradley Lancaster

    Inspiring HTML5 Banner Examples with GSAP

    Here are some sets i created for Flight Centre. (Slow server sorry).
  22. Bradley Lancaster

    Banner Work

    Here in Australia they can't find banner developers so i am in hot demand, they want cross skills through to front end development and some UI/UX and digital design. Big companies for campaign work, they also want me to do eDM stuff as well.
  23. Bradley Lancaster

    Best Place to View HTML5 Banner Portfolios

    Hey here is a GSAP HTML5 Banner framework i built for Flight Centre Australia where i work. The framework is build using In and In-Out transitions based on functions so that different frames can be played at different times. So based on the product type if it has Bonus Text, Tick Frames, Save Frames, Standard Frames things can be chained together. This really worked i created hundreds of banners over the past six months for them for many different campaigns. I will be building up this page soon to demonstrate the theory and logic behind it soon but there are live links available now to see some of the sets in action.
  24. Bradley Lancaster

    GIF banners

    At work i don't make Gif's i use GSAP to do transitions and stack images on top of each other they look like Gif's but better image quality. Gif's make a lot of images look terrible. The bonus is we can then serve them in Sizmek so instead of 80kb we get 200kb. I created a very basic Double Triple Quad framework base so it's quick and easy. Another benefit of doing this is you don't have to end on the third frame for example you can end on second or first depending on the use case. Here is a billboard using this example.
  25. Bradley Lancaster

    Sizmek Biolerplate??

    Thanks so much this totally worked i add this to any HTML banner and it works no Sizmek template needed appreciate you providing this info!