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  1. jesper.landberg

    Timeline slider - z-index & back problem

    You probs solved this already but the problem is in your prev() function, ur just setting It should/could look like this: prev() { if ( return = "back" = = == 0 ? 2 : - 1 this.slideIt() } Then u could just check the direction in slideIt() for example like this: const translateX = === 'back' ? -100 : 100
  2. jesper.landberg

    How to create these effects on scroll?

    @TEQQED What I would do is create a GSAP timeline, then increase the progress of it tied to scroll. Here I created a quick demo, it doesnt have the perspective/angle, but u get the point.
  3. jesper.landberg

    How to create these effects on scroll?

    I need to update those demos to some fresher/better ones:P Between the other code in those demos the actual logic for the effect is pretty straight forward. You just lerp the scroll value, check the diff between the new and old value... and apply that value to anything.. like a skew in this case. Something like the below (not tested). let scrollTarget = 0 let scrollCurrent = 0 let ease = 0.1 const skewTarget = someElement window.addEventListener('scroll', () => { scrollTarget = window.scrollY }) function render() { scrollCurrent += (scrollTarget - scrollCurrent) * ease const diff = scrollTarget - scrollCurrent const vel =+ diff = `skewY(${vel}deg)` requestAnimationFrame(render) } requestAnimationFrame(render)
  4. jesper.landberg

    Did 2.1, immediateRender default behaviour changed?

    Makes sense, thanks:)
  5. Hi, I updated my gsap version, no other changes done. Now my transitions doesn't "immediaterender", instead the elements show in the regular state before the timeline and tweens start. Did 2.1 change the default behaviour of this?
  6. jesper.landberg

    Hover gets "locked"

    Yeah, got it to work with some if isActive() kill thing:P
  7. jesper.landberg

    Hover gets "locked"

    Hi, Any tips on preventing the blue layer to get "stuck" if hovering in/out very fast for a bit?
  8. jesper.landberg

    wave on image

    Hi, I made this site, the image is rendered with three.js, and the effect is made in a shader distorting the UV values with some sin and cos math.
  9. jesper.landberg

    Problem with animating/reseting width

    Yeah, i can just restart unfortunaly. Ohhh, I didn't even know about that plugin hah. Thanks.
  10. jesper.landberg

    Problem with animating/reseting width

    Hi, I have done a super simple typewriter effect, which works as intended, excerpt when u interrupt and restart it. The width of each char will just be correct until the previous reset point. Check the Pen to understand. If you let the whole timeline run before clicking the button, everything is fine, however, clicking it in the middle of the animation, messes up the next.
  11. jesper.landberg

    Get end boundingRect for Tween?

    @OSUblake Im animating tweens tied to scroll, and when doing an Y transform, the progress reaches 1 before the element of the tween is out of view. I reckon this is because in my this.elems array i'm only storing the start bounds of the elements, when I would need the end bounds. Take a look at the first animated element in this demo below, and u can see what I mean. So i was thinking that in my getElems method, maybe I should put the timeline progress to 1, set the bounds, then put it back to progress 0 ? .
  12. jesper.landberg

    Get end boundingRect for Tween?

    Hi, What would be the best way to get the end boundingRect of a tween? If I tween yPercent: 0 to yPercent: 200 for example. Would it be to store the rect in a variable in an onComplete callback or is there any better way?
  13. jesper.landberg

    Super simple GSAP tied to scroll.

    Hi, I'm trying to create a personal little mini lib/class to handle timelines tied to scroll. Could use ScrollMagic, but wouldn't learn much from that would I? Any feedback on what is done so far? Thinking about how I would play more advanced timelines, rather than just simple fromTo's. I guess those would be best of defined in the javascript, but trying to think of an elegant solution to that, any tips? Currently I define animations through data attribute, as valid json. Also, is it possible to get the end bounds/rect of a timeline/tween element in advance? Or would I need to put progress(1) .. get new rect... put back to progress(0) ?
  14. jesper.landberg

    Get drag force

    Thanks, appreciate it:) If you like those stuff i will probs like my next prod that is going live within a week or so, pretty proud of it:) Smoother than ever!:P
  15. jesper.landberg

    Gsap values/props from data-attribute?

    There it was, thanks you:)