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  1. The reason the particles are at the top level right now is because of the z-index:2; in the css for the "dot". Removing that (or giving the image a higher z index) will send the dots behind the image.
  2. ohem

    Google Ad Manager

    Google Ad Manager is just a rebrand of DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). ClickTag guidelines are here and they're the same as DCM.
  3. ohem

    Interactive banner

    If you're not comfortable coding something like that yourself, you could get that exact functionality super easily in Google Web Designer using the Swipeable Gallery and Gallery Navigation components. They also have a bunch of existing templates with the gallery and navigation already implemented, which you could start with and restyle if you don't want to build one from scratch.
  4. ohem

    Amp Ads with greenshock

    I don't think you can. "AMP HTML uses a set of contributed but centrally managed and hosted custom elements to implement advanced functionality such as image galleries that might be found in an AMP HTML document. While it does allow styling the document using custom CSS, it does not allow author written JavaScript beyond what is provided through the custom elements to reach its performance goals." https://www.ampproject.org/docs/fundamentals/spec Also "Transition and animation are subject to additional restrictions. AMP must be able to control all animations belonging to an ad, so that it can stop them when the ad is not on screen or system resources are very low." https://www.ampproject.org/docs/ads/a4a_spec#allowed-amp-extensions-and-builtins & here's more specific info about how to create these ads: https://www.ampproject.org/docs/ads/create_amphtml_ad
  5. ohem

    Question: How create a conditional TimeLine?

    Thank you! Of all the little variations I tried, somehow that wasn't one of them. These forums are always so great/helpful.
  6. ohem

    Question: How create a conditional TimeLine?

    Thanks for the feedback! Now, I'm a little stuck trying to delay the remaining tweens until after the conditional tween has played. It seems shiftChildren would be the answer, but I'm having trouble understanding how to control it. https://codepen.io/ohem/pen/jKGZdq Any suggestions as to how to delay the timeline at the label until the conditional tween is done? Thank you.
  7. ohem

    Question: How create a conditional TimeLine?

    I'm working on a project where I want to have some slightly different animation depending on certain conditions, and this thread was helpful. I did a quick test in Codepen which seems to work fine. I was wondering if any of the experts can see anything wrong with this approach, or any way to improve it? Thanks!
  8. ohem

    Best compression for your banner assets

    I didn't know I needed this! Really impressed with this tool. Great job!
  9. ohem

    Google DoubleClick Custom Dynamic Banners

    You don't need to use GWD for DoubleClick. These are the steps you need: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/3526354 Full documentation: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2691686 Hope it helps!
  10. Check out the Dynamic Remarketing Build Guide, which is available with the dynamic templates in GWD. There's also information in the GWD Help Center. There are also GWD training videos in Google's Academy for Ads and Youtube.
  11. ohem

    Click Tag for Google Adwords

    You don't need any clickTag for Adwords. Adwords makes the entire banner clickable by default.
  12. Adwords isn't going anywhere; they're been gradually rolling out a new interface: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6306932 It's not surprising that some ad features would be changing along with it.
  13. GSAP is still listed as one of the DoubleClick-hosted libraries: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6307288?hl=en It's fine for Adwords too: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1722096#otherhtml5
  14. ohem

    Google doesn't allow longer than 30 seconds?

    True, the IAB recommends 15 seconds. But Google allows 30 seconds for Adwords and DoubleClick.
  15. ohem

    Google doesn't allow longer than 30 seconds?

    The IAB sets the recommended standards for the whole industry. Ad serving companies all have their own unique standards, too. For Google specifically, there's: Adwords DCM DoubleClick Rich Media The 30 second time limit is pretty standard across the board.