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  1. @Filip Winiarski Thanks for posting! You could post a minimal demo on CodePen to exemplify you're approach if you'd like. I think it'd be more helpful for future onlookers.
  2. Hello and welcome. This question isn't very related to GSAP, but we'll try to help where we can. You're passing numberCol1 into every renderNumber function call, so it will always animate up to the value of numberCol1, which in the demo is 11 (it will go to 10 since it indexes at 0). I don't understand what data you'll be getting - why is the first entry different than the later entries? Will it always be in this format? Are you wanting all of the numbers to animate to their value with the same timing? How are you supposed to determine the index? Is it related to the number of entries (in this case 6)?
  3. Do you have a demo you can share with us?
  4. Just a heads up: when I scroll past the demo window on an Android in Chrome I get some significant jank. Searching for "debugging animation performance" or something similar can teach you about how to figure out what the problematic areas are (as well as just deleting things and seeing if it helps). Sorry, I'm restricted to mobile right now or I'd try to help more.
  5. I'm not seeing any errors on the page you linked and Draggable.js is being loaded correctly (though you're still loading an additional old version of TweenMax in addition to the newer one). Did you solve your issue, @BigMattKush?
  6. Interesting. I assumed incorrectly then. Sorry about that!
  7. Hey DeltaFrog, It's hard for us to know exactly how to help without seeing the page for ourselves. Do you have a public link? A couple notes based on what we can see: Don't include the <script> tags in the JavaScript editor (second screenshot in your most recent post)! It assumes that everything in there is JavaScript and it will add the script tags for you. Using your browser's developer tools console (the second tab in your first screenshot in your most recent post) can really help in aiding you figuring out what the issues are.
  8. Hello and welcome! Sounds like a fun time, I wish I could join. As for your code there are several things: On CodePen you should avoid putting the <html> and <body> tags as they assume whatever you put in the HTML section is the body. On CodePen you should also avoid putting window.onload in the script because it automatically waits to run whatever is in the script until the onload event (I think). Your artText variable was referencing the wrong element! I fixed it in the demo below. Other things I changed in the demo below: Your margin and padding were pretty funky so I changed them to make more sense. Feel free to change as needed but be careful that the content section's padding doesn't cover the SVG tabs (which it was doing in your demo). I used display: none; on the .text::-webkit-scrollbar because setting width to 0 was breaking scrolling. I made a function to switch between the two tabs and content sections, using variables that are passed into it to determine which to show/hide. I used an if statement to check if they should be animated (so that if you click the same tab multiple times in a row it won't keep re-animating). I rearranged your SVG some so that the text and tab background are in the same group. I then animated that group using GSAP. I removed your title in the SVG because it was causing it to show up when you hover the tabs. I added a pointer cursor on the tabs to indicate that they're clickable on hover. https://codepen.io/ZachSaucier/pen/GadNLY I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. The weird thing is that when I go to his profile I can view the pen just fine... https://codepen.io/Kirshman/pen/qwwovj?editors=0010
  10. Ah, I was using my touchpad to scroll which works fine. After plugging in my mouse and scrolling with the wheel I understand what you're getting at. The trick then is to keep track of how much distance was not reached by the time the subsequent scroll events happen. I added a couple variables to keep track of it. I also fixed the issue where people scroll above the default position (but not past the last one). Let me know if you have any questions! https://jsfiddle.net/Zeaklous/5v8eywmb/5/ P.S. I just noticed that this breaks when I use my touchpad and doesn't work at all with my touchscreen (neither does your original demo). You might want to handle them independently.
  11. Hello and welcome to the GSAP forums, I am not noticing anything jerky about your demo. Can you provide more detail as to what you mean by that? I do notice that your page lets you scroll past the top There's a simpler way to do smooth scrolling exemplified by Blake in this post:
  12. Just because the effect is the same does not mean that they are caused by the same thing. At this point we will need more information about the way you're doing things in order to help any further.
  13. Hey waschbaer__ and welcome to the forums! I'm not sure exactly what type of effect you're looking to get, but you have an extra section at the top that is throwing off the timings in this demo. Removing it seems to fix the issue in the demo you provided: https://codepen.io/ZachSaucier/pen/vwdMwe?editors=1000 Besides that, I'd be careful nesting general selectors like you're doing (such as $('.textfade_Slide1').each()) inside of other general selectors. If you have anything with the class textfade_Slide1 in multiple sections you could face some weird issues. If you're reusing animations, it might be better to scope the selector by doing something like $(self).find('.textfade_Slide1').each(
  14. I think the most proper way to do it would be to use a vector editor, place the world and the rocket in the same SVG, create a path around the world (I noticed that the current world SVG mixes the outer circle and the inner continents, which is a hassle), and use GSAP's MorphSVG to move the rocket along the circular path. This is what PointC did below, but you can find a tutorial on how to do so yourself here: https://greensock.com/path-animation With that being said, if this is all you're doing and it doesn't need to be as responsive and you don't need more control over the animation, you don't need a JavaScript animation. You can just use a rotation with a transform origin outside of the rocket like my post on CSS-Tricks talks about. However, using this approach you need to fiddle with the numbers until it looks right, which can take time. Demo of this approach: https://codepen.io/ZachSaucier/pen/mYXQje?editors=0100
  15. If you play around with the parameters some you can get an effect closer to what I imagine you're looking for. Try this: waveSVG(path, {taperStart:0, loose:true, invertFlow:true, length:120, angle:10, magnitude:1, phase:1, duration:2, start:0, repeat:-1});