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  1. For DoubleClick, you only really have: Enabler.isVisible(); // Boolean But I'm unsure if that work on scroll events.
  2. It should be possible, but you'd probably have to abstract a lot of the JS code GWD uses.
  3. Hey @flysi3000 I've never setup a multi -> single git repo up, but I imagine that it could work with some fancy shell scripting. Regarding the working tree, I think you're right by default there isn't one, but how I was using the post-receive hooks I defined one. #!/bin/bash while read oldrev newrev ref do if [[ $ref =~ .*/deploy$ ]]; then echo "Deploy ref received. Deploying branch to preview..." git --work-tree=/var/www/html/project-name --git-dir=/var/repositories/project-name/git checkout -f deploy else echo "Ref $ref successfully received. Doing nothing: no work-tree with that branch name found on this server." fi done So in my example from that medium post, I have defined my working tree as, but the git repository is actually stored elsewhere on the server which shouldn't be accessible by the public. I guess you could create a bare repo point, that takes in your ref and branch and figures out where to create that working tree and git dir.
  4. Yea, I'm seeing this again on Chrome 59. This time I'm using <img> tags too! This demo looks ridiculous at the moment: Despite what the last comment on this Chromium issue says: 49&colspec=ID Pri M Stars ReleaseBlock Component Status Owner Summary OS Modified&groupby=&sort=
  5. Thanks, @LipstickVoid and @Gedas We're always looking for new contributions to Bannertime and see how we can improve the tool for as many people in the industry as possible.
  6. @LipstickVoid Apologies, our documentation at the moment is very poor, but we're working on it! The reasoning for SmartObjects was to create a way to write out DOM elements and CSS styling really quickly, as you can just sit in the banner.animations.js file to create the entire thing without having to swap between files constantly. It also helps in maintaining really clean code as we can clearly see what elements we're creating and not leaving unused element tags in the HTML. (I know for sure I'm guilty of that) Regarding having the ad in the centre of the page, we just found it much easier to work on a banner when it's right in front of us, and we didn't have to strain to look in the top corner of the screen. When it's uploaded to any particular platform, the iFrame it is bound in will force it to be in the correct location.
  7. @Web Dizajner You can use masks to create the correct even numbered shape, and then use 200% as a prefix to get the double-sized. @Oliver16Years Using ".png8" as a file extension will spit out pngquant optimised files.
  8. From what I remember in the Flash days of getting Google Analytics data from banner clicks, is that the page itself needs to match the GA ID, but I guess if in the case of a banner in an iFrame this might work? If you had your own server with GA setup you could test this?
  9. Woah, you can run those on ADWORDS?!?
  10. I do that all the time? So Yes.
  11. Oh nice Federico updated it, I think there were way more issues back in September when I first looked at that module. Also can't remember what the deal was for Android.
  12. Generate Image Assets is such an amazing feature! All my PSDs are set up using this for each layer I need. I also create Folders for each frame which I can then use: PixelPerfect to overlay and make sure everything is in the right place.
  13. I recommend trying to create some simple banners with straight HTML/CSS/JS. It really helps to learn the fundamentals of how the DOM works and how each part interacts with each other as that would give you a better understanding of how you should go about building something.
  14. Your best bet is to head over to and just mess around with manipulating elements on a page with GSAP. There are a whole bunch of Pens that just play around with GSAP, and a good place to start is the basic Starter Pen:
  15. Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that the images and scripts and indeed polite loaded with respects to your own Ad and its iFrame. This is beneficial because it ensures that all our creative assets are available to be rendered rather than some half-loaded and having empty div's being animated on screen. No, in that it doesn't necessarily wait for the publisher's page to finish loaded before loading your ad. I assume your definition of "Polite Loading" comes from the ye-olde-Flash era, which heavily relied on platform specific code to make happen, which would block loading of ads specifically until after a page and loaded.