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  1. Thanks Jack! The updated Draggable js file fixed the problem in Chrome and IE/Edge. Thanks a lot for the quick response!
  2. Hi Jack, What I have here is just a simplified version of what we are having in our project. The SVG can be nested even deeper in run time. I don't know how the "position: fixed" has anything to do with this problem, one thing we know is that it is not suitable for our project because all the positioning of object need to be relative to its parent, with position:fixed the positioning is relative to the document. Stanley
  3. Hi, When SVG is resided within two <div>, first one with position relative, the second with position absolute, the SVG drag object lags behind the cursor when the outer <div> is scaled bigger to fit the window. See the sample in CodePen. If the div is scaled smaller, the SVG drag object moves faster than the cursor. This problem exists in Mac Chrome, no such issue in Mac Safari or Firefox, not sure the same problem exist in Windows Chrome, IE, and Edge. To test the above, please open up the window display area much bigger or much smaller than 800 x 600. Thanks, Stanley
  4. Thank you very much Blake! This fixed my problem in Firefox. I should have known this by thoroughly read through the online documentation. It would have saved me hours of trouble shooting on this case and another one I was about to post. Thanks, Stanley
  5. Thanks OSUblake for the quick response! Took me a while to track down the problem. Here is my forked version of yours. No changes to your code, the only thing I added is the CSSPlugin.min.js in the setting. I use this plugin somewhere else in my application so leaving it out is not an option. Once this plugin is added, the hitTest() detection stop working in Firefox, no such problem in Mac Safari and Chrome with or without this plugin. Thanks, Stanley