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Enterprise Licensing

Connect with us about your particular licensing needs

If you work for an organization with a legal department that needs customizations to be made to the license agreement, we can work together to craft a solution that meets their requirements.

The Enterprise license template below is identical to the standard "Business Green" license except:

  • You can customize the number of users (rather than choosing 1, 5, or 20).
  • It contains additional warranties, like one about the exclusion of any "copyleft" software. In other words, we specifically promise not to include any copyleft software without your approval (I can't imagine we'd ever even consider doing that anyway, but some companies want us to make that promise explicitly).
  • Stronger indemnity
  • There's a clause that states that you own any changes you make
  • There's a confidentiality clause
  • Invoicing & longer payment terms rather than credit card payment

Download the template below, fill out the necessary data (indicated with red text between [...]), mark it up with whatever other changes you'd like, and send it back to us and then we'll get you a price.

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