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Learn HTML5 Animation with GreenSock
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| GreenSock

Want to learn GSAP, but not sure where to start? Nothing beats our official hands-on video training. black.jpgI'm Carl Schooff, GreenSock's Geek Ambassador. I recorded videos for every lesson we've been using in classrooms and corporations across the country, so you can now access the same material from the convenience of your own computer. Each lesson focuses on core features of GSAP that you get to see applied in small, real-world projects. Starting with a simple tween, I'll walk you through the most powerful features of the GSAP API. You'll learn how to create elaborate sequences with our timeline tools that are easy to edit and control. Along the way I'll show you the pitfalls to avoid and the pro tips that'll save you time and ensure you do things the "right" way. What you will learn in this course will put you light-years beyond any self-training or free tutorials you'll find online. By the end of the course you'll marvel at how easy it is to get big results with just a little code! In addition to over 5 hours of HD video, each lesson comes with source files and detailed, step-by-step instructions so you can do each exercise at your own pace. These official GreenSock training videos are available exclusively from our friends at NobleDesktop. Jump on over to Learn HTML5 Animation With GreenSock for more details, demos, and a sample lesson.

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With great power comes great responsibility. Tween wisely.

- Team GreenSock
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