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Found 5 results

  1. I am working on a website that requires a grid of blog posts to be pinned whilst animating in. Once they have animated in the pin ends and another section needs to follow immediately, unfortunately there is a large amount of white space between these two sections. I have turned off pinSpacing but this has had no effect. I'm not sure what else to try at this point.
  2. Hello. I am trying to make a portfolio website for a client, and i got a good image gallery, and edited it to make it responsive, but on both the responsive media queries and laptop views, when someone scrolls too fast, or something, it gives this 100vh white space till it's goes to the forum section. I'm new to gsap, and found the confidence finally to begin programming myself, but i can't get out of this bug. The images scale and function properly, there's no problem with it, im just using local directories. Ok. if i'm being honest, it really only works on mobiles and laptops. nothing in between it's not a 100% responsive. Is there some way to tell users to open it just on their phones and laptop and nothing inbetween? Also just a random, if anyone wants to help, is there some way to set and arrow function on the images, along with the scrollTrigger? IF not, that's alright. : P
  3. Hello Guys, I've been looking around the internet and this forum for some time and I could not find a fix whatsoever. I am currently working on my finals project and I've come across this white-space problem which seems to only occur on mobile devices. (In my case: iPhone 11) I included a codepen (https://codepen.io/benvi/pen/KKwbzON) on which you can see the problem yourself. On a PC or Laptop, there will be no whitespace on the right side, however if you inspect this codepen on your mobile device you will notice while the animation hasn't finished playing, you can scroll all the way to the right like 1000px or something and as soon as all the elements that came in animated are finished with their animation, the whitespace somehow magically disappears and you can no longer swipe to the right. I am not quite sure how this affects a mobile device but not a pc or laptop. I am fairly new to GSAP and I am sorry if this has already been answered somewhere. Could you possibly teach me to properly position elements off the screen (to animate them in later) without causing excessive amounts of whitespace? Thank you guys!
  4. Hi there, I am having an issue with reduceWhiteSpace:false on splitText. It doesn't seem to be doing anything for spaces and or   I have a font where placing a Y character next to another letter, with a space, it looks like there is no space between them. So I need to artificially add some space. I tried adding a span with margin but I was getting issues on some browsers so I need this reduceWhitespace to work. Thanks for your help Will
  5. hi, i have loaded a xml using loaderMax, in its complete event i have parsed them. In the parsed xml, it automatically adds a space between each node. so, if my xml children is 7 means, it returns the length as 14. i have tried a lot. I couldn't able to fix it, any solution will be highly appreciated.