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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to scroll the contents in the text-block while pinning the parent. But as you can see in this demo the scroll is taking children of both the parent divs. I want it like once the first section i.e {.phone-text-scroll-block} has finished scrolling the other {phone-text-scroll-block} should come as a pinned layer Like this example and then the same animation repeats as the first one. Please help me. Thanks
  2. I'd like to rewrite my image cycle animation using GSAP's latest code. It's cleaner, plus I want to attach it to the new ScrollTrigger, and fire the animation when it reaches a certain point on screen, and pause when its not in the viewport. However, I'm having a difficult time getting it to work. I've found examples using the deprecated cycler, and others using some nifty staggers. I got close with my code, but I just can't get rid of the fade (I'd like the active image to just appear without a transition, and have it stay visible for a fraction of a second). Bonus kudos if someone can help the cycle accelerate until a maximum. @swampthang and @OSUblake both seemed to get this to work by adding a timeScale fromTo tween on the timeline itself https://codepen.io/swampthang/pen/dpqyzO and https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/epLjrG. But, is that possible to do if the animation is going to be triggered by the ScrollTrigger?
  3. Hello. I`m quite new to "SplitText Text Animation" in GS. I watched few of the tutorials and searched the web for some examples, but didnt find what I wanted. Basically what I want is to hide each letter after certain time simultaneously. I have attached a simple Codepen example that shows the effect I`m trying to get. Yet I want to accomplish this effect for every letter/char in a word/sentence. Is this possible ?
  4. What is the correct loading order for GSAP utilities? I see demo's that linger around in varied flavors and all seem to work. Does order really matter in terms of loading? Is it suggested that TweenMax goes before Draggable? or vice versa?