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Found 2 results

  1. cfx

    Sound playing twice

    Guys, simple codepen example (ignore the graphics I've just dumped stuff down) trying to work out why the sound isn't playing first time on play back but on playing again (or using loop in GSDEV player) its playing twice on the time line? Grateful for a steer here. Buzz
  2. While using Greensock, I realized that an object can't be tweened more than 2 times. I haven't tested the parameters of this, but I think that once I do a TweenMax.to tween, I can't tween that object anymore. It does not give me an error, but the tween simply does not happen. An example of the TweenMax.to tween that I use is TweenMax.to(object,1,{alpha:0}); and I'm trying to create a TweenMax.from tween like this TweenMax.from(object,1,{alpha:0}); Is there a way to TweenMax.from tween that object again, and if so, how? EDIT: OK I just tested, and that is what happens. The object no longer tweens whenever I use a TweenMax.to tween on it.