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Found 3 results

  1. So I am trying to have a smooth animation where upon pressing the hamburger button, the side nav expands from the left side of the screen to its full width then upon pressing the same button again, constricts back inward smoothly. So it toggles open and closed fine, but the animation for it closing is not working. Also when outside of the codepen environment, when you press the button to open, there is a visible jump where it appears that the nav-wrapper div is made visible then from there expands outward using the TweenMax.to(). I am very new to GSAP so this is probably something easy to fix, but I have been working on it for a few days now with no solution. Thank you in advance for helping!
  2. I am animating letterforms of a font with wide and condensed shapes, i.e. interpolating between the letterform’s widest and most condensed states with TweenMax.to(). The SVG-Vectors animate smoothly in Firefox, however in Safari and Chrome the movement looks very shaky. Am I doing it wrong? And more importantly, are there ways to prevent this?
  3. Hello there, I have problems with my Tweens, when I'm animating them on hover like this: $(this).find("a.handler").on("mouseenter.action mouseover.action", function () { if (globals.menu_item_hover_complete) // Animate current element item_hover.timeScale(1).play(); console.log("hovered"); }).on("mouseleave.action mouseout.action", function () { // Reverse animation item_hover.timeScale(1.5).reverse(); }); These Tweens on chrome sometime lag and from opacity: 1 animates to opacity: 0.060008 (it hsould be 0) and sometimes when I'm tweening opacity:1 and top: 70, it sticks to top: 70 and just tweens opacity. What is the best way to use Tweens for hovering animations?