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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all I'm doing a project where I must tween a number of elements as a "in" transition to the pages. I was having a number of problems with performance, and the new version of GSAP (GSAP 1.12.0) fixed them! (It's an iPad project) But... I've extensively used TweenLite.from - since I have all properties on CSS correctly set, and just need to fade and move them in - typical syntax is TweenLite.from('.example', 1, {opacity:0, y:-200, delay:1}); all this worked perfectly... until the GSAP update. Now the items are visible before the tween starts... (the delay period)... and only when it starts it goes to opacity 0. Before, the properties were set, then tween ran, and the job was done. So I tried to change it: I've create a function that sets the visibility in jquery when the function is triggered: TweenLite.from('.example', 1, {opacity:0, y:-200, delay:1, onStart:setElementVisible onStartParams:['.example']}); But nope... the initial position flickers on screen before the onStart funcion is rendered... so it doesn't work. Any ideas on how should I proceed to regain the old feature back? Please, do not suggest me to change all tweens to "TweenLite.to" - it would involve changing all CSS of the project, and change all tweens... things were all done here, I was only having performance problems with the lag... Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello, I was wondering if you guys can help. As of late when I do an animation with tweenlite, the content appears before the animations inits. So if I have a tweenlite.from with alpha:0 the mc will shows for a split second and then start with alpha:0. It seems to happen in firefox and chrome the most. I did notice this happens when making a gradient mask as well. You will see the mask for a fraction of a second before it masks the mc. I'm doing everything I always have. This seems to be a recent issue and I don't blame tweenlite. Advice to fix the issue?